Academic Courses and Experiences

In order to ensure that Honors students get the most enrichment out of their education at Bryant University, the Honors Program promotes a quality education that combines practical real-world learning and experiences with traditional classroom learning.

The Honors Program enrichment experience is comprised of 7 academic honors courses, concluding with the Capstone in the student’s senior year as the 8th and final course. In addition to that, various networking opportunities are available to Honors students as well as educational experiences that enhance the student’s understanding of the world around them.

Honors Courses
Honors courses are more enriching than the average college course and geared towards the concept of application of learning to real-world situations. Students have the exciting opportunity to learn from experts in their field and be immersed in a rich, engaging environment.

Directed Study
Students have the chance to study under a professor for college credit. Please see your academic advisor for further information.

Honors 490 – Senior Capstone
In order to graduate from the Honors Program, students must complete a Senior Capstone project in their senior year. The project begins in the spring semester of junior year with a “c-pitch” or formalized project pitch to a panel of honors faculty. The project is self-directed but students must also find an honors faculty adviser as well as editorial reviewer to be part of their research team. Students present their projects at the Senior Capstone Colloquium held annually in April and submit a final paper for review to the Honors Council.

Internships are available to students through the Bryant Career Connection. Honors students see many networking opportunities with alumni that enable them to receive fantastic internships and prepare for their careers.

Annual Junior/Senior Trip
Each October the Honors Program takes its annual trip to a U.S. city to expand the horizons of its senior students and connect with alumni in that area. Students attend networking dinners with successful Bryant University alums as well as get to experience the true beauty of the destination city. To be eligible, a student must be a senior in good standing who has submitted their final Capstone proposal by the September deadline.