What is the Bryant Honors Program?

If you are a bright, driven, achievement-oriented student, Bryant’s Honors Program offers you a distinctive learning opportunity that fosters research collaboration with professors who have high expectations for your personal and career development.


Not all who qualify are accepted.

For first-year students:

  • Minimum SAT of 1200; ACT 27
  • Ranking in top 20% of high school class, or GPA of at least 3.6

For transfer students:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 in college-level courses

Honors Program FAQ

What are the Honors Program’s Requirements?
You need to complete seven Honors courses and your Senior Honors Capstone Project (eight courses in total) by the time you graduate.  These eight courses are integrated into your overall course requirements and are not extra course requirements.  In addition, you must maintain an overall GPA of 3.40 and an Honors GPA of 3.20 to graduate with Honors on your diploma.

In addition, Honors students must attend at least one Senior Honors Capstone presentation each year.  Also, first year students must participate in one community service event during the fall or spring semester.

What is early honors registration?
One of the benefits of being an Honors student is being able to register before other students in your class.  This assists you to register for the classes in which you most want participate. In order to keep this privilege, you must maintain the minimum GPA requirements.

Can I be an athlete and an Honors student?
Yes! In 2016- 2017 four student-athletes graduated from the Honors Program. Three of these students were field hockey players (Emiko Barker, Samantha Yoder, and Jessica Fleet) In addition, one tennis player (Jacqueline Calamari) graduated with Honors.

Can I study abroad and be an honors student?
Yes! When you travel abroad you cannot take an honors course, therefore you need to will take your honors courses before and after your semester abroad.

Can I be an international business major and an honors student?
Yes.  A number of students of accomplish this and have appreciated this opportunity.  The Honors Program has been structured in cooperation with the IB Program so you can complete the necessary courses for both programs in an integrated and timely manner.  You will be registering for the Honors sections of some IB courses during your first two years, along with taking elective Honors courses and/or completing Honors Contracts for other courses.  You will need to work with your Academic Advisor on the appropriate sequencing of courses.

What happens if I don’t meet the GPA requirements once I am in the program?
The Honors Program takes a developmental approach in approaching the problem of not meeting the GPA requirements. Therefore, you will not be immediately removed from the program if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirements of a 3.40 overall in all classes and a 3.20 in Honors classes.  You will be allowed time to bring your GPA up to the minimum standards; however, you must show sufficient progress each semester towards this goal. Students will be removed from the program however, if it becomes clear that the minimum GPA requirements cannot be achieved.

Are Honors courses graded on a 4.0 or 5.0 scale?
Our Honors courses are graded on the University’s 4.0 scale.  You do not receive extra credit for taking an Honors course.  This is not necessary since our Honors courses are designed to be challenging, but not beyond the usual hours spent outside of the classroom.

Do we have an Honors dorm?
We do not currently have an Honors dorm.  All Honors students have access to the Honors Lounge in Hall 14. We also have an Honors wing on campus for first year students.  Honors students can request housing in the Honors wing, depending on availability, or in a traditional dorm arrangement.

When do I sign up for Honors classes?
If you have not previously selected your Honors courses from the survey monkey link emailed to you prior to Orientation, you can select your courses at Orientation during your Advising session.   You have the option of signing up for an Honors version of a course.  You may sign up for one or two Honors courses per semester.  All you need to graduate is to successfully complete seven Honors courses and the Senior Honors Capstone Project (eight courses in total) by the time you graduate.

How can I still join the Honors program if I did not sign up prior to orientation in June? 
If you were invited into the Honors Program in your acceptance letter, but did not register for the Honors Program, please stop by the Honors table at Orientation to receive more information.

Students who were not invited into the Honors Program, but wish to be considered as a candidate can also petition to join the Honors Program when you arrive on campus. Contact Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Director at honorsdirector@bryant.edu to schedule a meeting.  When you meet with the Director bring the following:  a cover letter explaining why you want to join the program, your resume, your High School transcript, two-writing samples, two faculty references, and a copy of poem or a favorite song.

Transfer students can apply to the program if you have a 3.6 GPA from your previous institution.  Contact the Honors Director and bring the aforementioned packet of materials to the meeting.

Do I get additional funding if I am part of the Honors program?
Currently, there is no additional funding available to honors students.  Funding is dependent on merit and financial need and is determined by another group within the University.