Our Mission

Welcome to The Honors Program at Bryant University. Each year, our most academically-prepared applicants are invited to become members. We encourage you to join this community of talented students and dedicated faculty and truly enrich your experience at Bryant University.

Enhance Your University Experience

The Bryant University Honors Program is an experience for dedicated students to:

EXPLORE the world around them,
DISCOVER themselves and new ideas
& ACHIEVE excellence

We encourage our students to get involved in the community, expand their horizons, travel to new destinations and to get the most out of their four years at Bryant University. We are comprised of the top 4% of each year’s graduating class, and boast the most successful, academically and professionally driven students. Our students love to be challenged, always put in their best work and consequently see exceptional success. Our faculty are experts in their chosen field, inspirational in their teaching and devoted to an education of the highest caliber. We offer our students opportunities to grow as both students and professionals, to network with executive alumni in cities all across the world, and to establish themselves as unique and hardworking and thus, sought after following graduation.