Senior Honors Students’ Capstone Project Formal Review Process

The Faculty University Honors Council is charged with approving all Senior Honors Students’ Capstone Projects.

The goal of this 5-step Review Process is to provide developmental feedback that will assist students in strengthening their work. The goal is not to approve or reject proposals and projects; rather it is to strengthen them so they reflect the appropriate challenge and rigor required to merit designation as an Honors Program Senior Capstone Project at Bryant University

    1. Review 1
      a. Capstone idea is proposed to Faculty Honors Council Members at the C-Pitch event.
      b. The C-Pitch is held in late March or April (possibly REDay) of Junior year.
      c. Students receive verbal feedback from Honors Faculty Council members and other faculty members.
    1. Review 2
      a. The Initial Capstone Prospectus proposal is written up with guidance from the Faculty Advisor.
      b. The proposal is submitted to the Director of the Honors Program no later than May 1
      c. Proposals are reviewed by Faculty Honors Council members review in May and written feedback is provided to the student by the Director of the Honors Program in June.
      d. Students may be asked to provide additional information or make revisions to their project proposal for Review 3.
    1. Review 3
      a. Students submit the written Final Honors Capstone Proposal with updates based on feedback from the Honors Council and their Faculty Advisor.
      b. The revised Final Honors Capstone Proposal is submitted to the Director of the Honors Program no later than the last week of September.
      c. Faculty Honors Council members review the revised Final Proposals and written feedback is provided to the student by mid-October. Students will meet with their Faculty Advisor to discuss the Honors Committee’s feedback and how to address it going forward in their research.
      d. In some instances, the Honors Committee may require students to revise and resubmit their Final Honors Capstone Proposal if it has not met the minimum requirements of rigor and challenge expected of an Honors Capstone Project. These revisions must be completed no later than the first week of November.
      e. Capstone students will meet with the Honors Writing Coach at the end of November to assess their progress and development. A summary of this meeting will be sent to the Honors Director at the beginning of December to highlight student advancement or potential areas of concern.
    1. Review 4
      a. Students formally present their Capstone project at a Capstone Colloquium Practice Session.
      b. Practice sessions are held approximately 2 weeks prior to the Capstone Colloquium.
      c. Faculty Honors Council Members and other faculty members will provide verbal feedback to students following the presentation
    1. Review 5
      a. Faculty Honors Council members and the Honors Director may provide additional development feedback, if needed, based on the student’s formal Honors Capstone public presentation. The purpose of this feedback is to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed for the successful completion of the Capstone project.

In addition to this formal review process, Honors students are expected to meet with their Faculty Advisor on a regular basis to obtain feedback on their Capstone progress.  Honors students are also expected to avail themselves of resources to help them on this journey, including the Honors Writing Coach, Honors Librarians, and the Honors Director.

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